Best mordhau horde afk script reddit, User The program is Autohotkey Best mordhau horde afk script reddit, User The program is Autohotkey, some servers have a premade script in their discord you can use and modify. Aside from that, I honestly think Mordhau is worth playing just as a piece of gaming history. But that would require far more recourses than the current bot that attempts to ban afk players who don't circumvent the system. But if you like a challenge, or want something new to learn and master over time, Mordhau will suit. Press C for voice lines. If they're using t2 then bardiche and messer should be your go to. It's a gem of a game, and the technical intricacies of the combat system are a wonder to behold. These weapons have great a damage and easy to control 8: While I stand by the sets of armor I listed as the best sets of armor, I acknowledge that there’s more to armor sets in Mordhau than what’s been discussed above. No it’s by no means the best weapon but in my opinion it is the most well balanced weapon and probably the best to learn how to play the game with. io uses essential cookies to make our site work. (Note that you want the server to ALWAYS start on a BR map. 4. With your consent, we may also use non-essential cookies to https://mordhau. Not much you can do with a macro anyway. Press 0 to sheath your weapon. Gold acquired is 95% time spent in round. Falx. Switch to a scythe once you have enough points. I challange Stauty to an FT10 on my server: One Way Duels (SA ping lol). Ninja_Moose • 4 yr. This one works. Not much changed from the previous version, you just have a Noble to protect on the side, but still, always keep the chaos of battle away Get rid of the damn noble in horde. Create a new . 5,4,3,2,1. You must survive 21 waves of enemies. The noble in dungeon will path Server autokicks afk'ers after a certain number (usually 20), and top server population is 64. try infinite yield's antiafk, or just use ;spin 20 and see what that does. The weather, lighting, lightning, rain, castle, town, fire, sound, it’s just everything I could ever, EVER want from a map. Terms & Policies. #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with It’s a script, tho I’d recommend using synapse or krnl with it. Jumping could potentially allow players to skip out on leg armor if they can consistently jump over attacks. Search within r/Mordhau. Discover community-made maps & mods for MORDHAU. I just use the one within fates' admin. If you panic parried just look down and crouch. Steam take's a 30% cut of sales, so that leaves $18,893,000 in sales in the first month. As for what armour to use, use t3 generally, but use t2 or t1 if Things like the Maul, Executioner’s Sword, Spear, or Pole-Axe are a great if you felt comfortable with big heavy two handers, and something like a Short Spear, Mace, Arming Sword, or Rapier is a So, i spent last evening playing Horde mode on community server with 16 players involved. 100K subscribers in the Mordhau community. Im glad some else knows the secret to finding the worst players in Mordhau. Sayes is a cheater so his level doesn't matter. Gradyleb • 4 yr. If you want a more 'legitimate' way, VMs with roblox and anti-afk are the way to go but at that point its just a glorified autoclicker as Roblox in already in the VMs foreground. Alt horde mode rules: The only weapons you can buy must come from the chests: (common, rare, epic) You can buy armor. For example, the 2nd best build is "counter" with "thorns" and the other damage reflection skill. com/forum/topic/10250/how-i-got-my-dedicated-server-ot-run-and-appear-on/. Put FOV maxed level. here's the script, you can copy to notepad and save as an . Mordcraft City. Official Mordhau Mod Editor released. EDIT: Also, you can reduce the wait time for testing to Timeout := 1 Delay := 2 And then change it back when you're done. Use the kick on the shield guys, it’s a freebie melee hit after you kick their full block shield. If the noble dies, gg. Those are my top 5 as a competitive player. You can't macro a wessex for example. Anyway, perhaps people who are new will find it useful. 3 seconds, the R key is sent causing you to hold your shield up. No files published. 0. If I look left and press left overhead, I want a left overhead. Best is fire crits recurve. Filters Another thing it could be is a bot hosting horde matches for everyone to join so the host can be AFK while its running, with something like that you can have 24 hour up time on horde matches. For the giants, try to hug their feet and when you see the swing starting, use a side dodge to circle them close to The highest level without cheating is 408 and was achieved by some guy in na who discovered an exploit not long after the game released, he reported it to the devs and they let him keep his level. I got into a game like that today, it felt like a FFA with level 100 enemies just swinging zweihanders through the mob. Ouity • 6 mo. At the time of writing this guide, the gamemode’s main objective recently went from defeat 21 waves of enemies to protect a “Noble” npc from said waves of enemies, so a player should NOT fight near the Noble. Right click Mordhau > Properties. To fix The 10 Best Mordhau Mods Mordhau is one of the most iconic games of this generation, perfectly encapsulating everything it means to create a first person Now it's time to combine all this knowledge and discuss where to invest your 16 points in our Mordhau builds and loadouts guide, recently updated for Patch #7. If you die, you will respawn I know that mods exist and I love them, but more official Horde support and updated SDK along with it would be amazing. ahk file (ex. I get 400+ kills with it every time. Mordcraft city is another faithful map recreation into Mordhau, transferring a map styled entirely in Minecraft into the Official Mordhau Mod Editor released. 00. Special rule: if you pull a turd from the chest you must crouch down and have someone else throw it in your face why Thankyou devs for ruining horde mode for the like 35 players that actually play it. Join me My best guess would be that the program name isn't correct. r/Mordhau. AdhesiveChild • 1 mo. . When you die, players can revive you within 30 seconds. 5 comments. It's the only weapon that I think needs to get bumped up a point. Most of you are probably well familiar with all of this but there are some differences Play Horde. Mods. ago. Noob sees, noob KILLS. That is it. yuichiroxz • 1 mo. ahk file: toggle = 0 #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 20 While there arent any best weapons, it all depends on how comfortable you are with the weapon in general, and how well you perform on it, if you want to learn how combat is in this game some weapons which are pretty easy to use are: longsword, greatsword, messer, battle axe and war axe. Let's be extremely generous and say that those other 4 million copies sold for an average of $10. Killing an enemy depletes their team's points by 1. The 2023 new player experience. All new players go to horde first so it's great for player retention to get used to the game in easy mode first. If I look left and press left overhead Messer, Bastard Sword, Falchion, Arming Sword, Cleaver. Thankyou devs for ruining horde mode for the like 35 players that actually play it. The chest decides if you live or die. Disable team colors in game options. For the giants, try to hug their feet and when you see the swing starting, use a side dodge to circle them close to Good perks are:stun, acrobat, second wind and flesh wound if you can afford it. Enemies attack in a horde allowing them to chamber every attack in every direction with 80% success rate, this means with their infinite stamina they can move attack and defend at the same time, this makes melee 100% impossible in mid rounds+ unless you exploit how the ai reacts to dragging attacks. You're gonna wanna set up like s 24 hr long macro that kicks every 3 seconds and join or host a server that constantly cycles through Horde maps. Navar4477 • 2 yr. Download files manually. The reason it is the best because most other builds get shafted by the giants. Worst thing on this planet is a team full of newbies, like sub level 5. LimJahey9557 • 23 days ago. or maybe I just wasnt invited to the worlds Tue Jun 01, 2021 9:20 pm. I get that there is a lot of time being devoted right now to the new game modes, but I feel that Horde as it exists today is still missing a quality pass from the release of dungeon and pit. I've never heard of anyone using a macro in combat tbh. Best. I've heard about using the winwait command but im not the best at using AHK so i'm trying to get some help here. Rush Is insanely broken arguably the best perk in the game, bloodlust and fury are kinda meh, fireproof might be ok when enemies are spamming fire pots, cat is good for certain maps. The last thing we need is more AFK players taking up True. Consistent 2-shots and probably one of the best weapons for tank shredding. Set up a local dedicated server (not Local Match option from in-game, download the files from Steam) 2. So to sum up, this is not what Anti-Afk is designed for - its possible but im not sure how I feel about getting multi-instance so i can develop this. You can get way more gold in Frontline and even Deathmatch if you take your time, higher It's starting to show up everywhere even in frontline with people just leeching games. A super cool multiplayer Mordhau mod to be sure. But keep it relatively easy for lower waves, since it's perfect for new players to get into the game. While this method isn't exactly well received by the community, it does Horde is the best mode for learning to play There are three modes (so far) in Mordhau: Frontlines: A PvP mode that pits two teams of 32 players up against each Arguably one of the easiest ways to earn XP and Gold in Mordhau is through Horde mode. Fuck off with this bullshit. Yup, any feather head or fancy clothing is always a primary target. Ex: Red side spawn in Camp. Sort by Sort by . If the Not much you can do with a macro anyway. Polehammer. Came to the game after long time, and there's plenty of cool stuff I'd love to buy yet I have not much gold. Press X for emotes (the more you press C or X it’ll show more pages for voice lines and emotes) Press P for 3rd Person. Similar to cod zombies, the only objective was to survive and progress through the rounds by any means necessary. I would like to argue that the first option is better because then Riot can look for and ban pre-mades that abuse the system. Hello im trying to afk a game called mordhau its a sword fighting game and im trying to afk in it but sometimes i get disconnected from the server and my script that i Resource ID. Load up a front-line map (Any game mode really, DISCUSSION. Developers already fixed "Horde AFKing" by adding a max limit of 1620. Warhammer. Excellent work devs, I'm downloading it right now to mess around and try create a minigames map, hope people are interested in shit like that. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you 2. Keep kiting the horde all across the map; hit one or two mobs, turn, run, turn, repeat. If they're using t1, use alt bardiche. Any horde mod recommendations are welcome as Mordhau AFK Script (part 1) youtube. Skipping out on head armor could be useful if you can move your head So i wanna add to the script to auto reconnect me so im asking here for some help. 1. I've been trying to figure out how to use the toolbox effectively in horde, and I have found that they don't always just run into the spikes and perish sometimes they just walk up to and take no damage. While this method isn't exactly well received by the community, it does happen to be one of the best methods Right now it's just wheat farming simulator. The point of this is to not have to mess with the R key. 2022 Settings & Mouse Guide (from rank 1 player!) Nice setup but please devs, give us an option to flip attack side on binded attacks with hybrid 240 setup, it would avoid us the chore of relearning the game just to be able to do basic swings. Gmod players will feel right at home looking at this Best Mordhau Mods list, as Mordcraft City should look just as familiar as the Dolls map from Gmod. 1 / 5. Draconix is I think 239 now, Combat medic is 237, other I don't remember. AI will prioritize trying to kill you normally, but they have a much wider spawn range, and if you break away from the AI too far, they’ll go back after the noble. exe"] the same as the exe used for running Roblox on your specific PC. Horde Engineer Spike Strategy? Been really enjoying this update to the horde mode, its comparable to the MVM gamemode in tf2 honestly. Edit: if you’re a drag god then heavy hand axe. I take it you're trying to use it for the AFK farming servers. Messer is almost cheating. That's the only afk farming I've For some reason with my current script, i still get kicked out when I leave it running through the night. The holdable shields (heater, round, and kite) have poor stam game, but have a slightly longer parry window and can be held (hold R). if you want here is the script. Just don’t try to 1vX with it, it’s really slow. Drummell • 4 yr. I don’t think they should get rid of it, I think they should make one of the players be the noble instead of a NPC. Join. Best in genre by a wide margin for mechanical depth. Code: Select all - Expand View - Download - Toggle Line numbers. Learn more and find the game on Steam, Discord, Reddit, Youtube, IndieDB, Facebook, Twitter. All shields also offer "active parry" during Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi are some you can look for on the Guild Library. (also pls dont be cheap and switch your servers to cloudfare with proper ddos protection thanks) God I wish they dropped this at launch. If you are reading this, please help me invoke Stauty himself, let's, together, combine our forces and revolucionize Mordhau forever. Through the fire and the flames is a banger, and I spam the Among Us theme because I have zero class. Gold and XP is just based on time played, those articles were just trying to get clicks. Add a Comment. Obviously set on some 3rd party script. Horde gives you the 'most' because Horde games are the longest. Those are things you do manually as you always have to adjust the timings and every situation is different. Dengo86 • 4 yr. Please consider extra horde mode character slots, and maybe even the ability to play as a dwarf in horde too! Instruments cost a decent amount and do nothing, so becoming a dwarf for a cost seems pretty neat to me. Maybe you could do a sequence of feints/morphs but even that isn't useful. polehammer, poleaxe, halberd, eveningstar, zweihander. Finishing the Arguably one of the easiest ways to earn XP and Gold in Mordhau is through Horde mode. Supplied is broken for equipment spam. On your Steam library, right click Mordhau, properties, local files and then Browse. Figure out which style you prefer. I have a positive opinion of Vermintide despite not having played it, relying on what I've heard from others, but I do pretty much play Mordhau's Horde mode exclusively, I love the modded maps like the remakes of previous vanilla map versions, Crowlamari's Crypt maps and others based on Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Vermintide, SoomRK's Of The A little note: I prefer Horde to the other gamemodes as Mordhau is a game I play for fun, and so I want to refrain form playing too much against other players. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and Reddit iOS Reddit Android Rereddit Best Communities Communities About Reddit Blog Careers Press. SussyAmogus569420 • 1 mo. This leads to players scripting to prevent afk ban. Some variants of horde maps would be cool too, defending the noble in a different area. The only time failures happen may be during off-hours when everyone is offline. TheOldChiefy • 6 mo. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in Horde where I am not playing against people, but with them. sleep 2000 Loop { controlsend,, f, MORDHAU sleep So, i spent last evening playing Horde mode on community server with 16 players involved. And it was lots of fun, even though I died a lot before figuring out basics of Horde play. If the enemy is using t3 armour, a blunt weapon like evening star or alt paxe is your best bet. The new map is beyond beautiful. r/Mordhau • I can't take it anymore. Use something heavy to hold down a movement key and it should work. horde mode used to be a fun little arcade style side mode. 60% chance theyll swing over you. If you want to spend your limited time in-game grinding Horde mode for Gold instead of having actual fun, more power to you Play Horde, go archer, camp a tower for an hour. MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher. basictrash420 • 1 mo. Ballmeat • 2 yr. Basically a macro that keeps them from being idle Easiest way: 1. Once there are knife throwers spawning, try staying further ahead and dodge them until they run out of ammo. My favorite though is Toccata and Fugue by Bach, perfect dueling song imo. Guides. The rest are very situational and not worth running imo. If you hold the right mouse button longer than 0. Install AutoHotkey. Capturing the central checkpoint causes the enemy team's points to slowly diminish over time. Some general stuff about mode. In your Mordhau directory, go through Mordhau > Mordhau > Content and create a new folder called custompaks and then enter it, which is where the two files downloaded earlier will go. Makes all your ripostes unblockable and do x2 damage, with reflection adding another roughly 120%. Parry and held block. Get a hoe asap and start swinging. It’s good for learning drags/accels as well as learning distance and footwork because It’s a decent medium ranged Short version is, the parry shield (targe and buckler) have the same parry window as normal weapons, but retain stamina better than one-handed weapons when blocking. That takes you to almost $47 million in sales. A game that actually is close and lasts a while will net you at least 700-800 Gold if you do well. Back in 2019 you could join some 64 slot Horde servers, MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher. Best part still is the team mate finishing you off. It'd be cool, but i worry people will just hole up in cheese spots, or get mad at nobles who don't want to play that way & it'll be hard to play normally as noble without getting kicked or Figure out which style you prefer. Just look at it. I personally don't know any but I'd set up an auto clicker for every few seconds incase you die and can respawn. mod. Hello im trying to afk a game called mordhau its a sword fighting game and im trying to afk in it but sometimes i get disconnected from the server Discover community-made maps & mods for MORDHAU. Stun is decent. My suggestion to new players is the longsword. Make Programs := ["RobloxPlayerBeta. I've been trying to find a viable archer build for a while now, with it being my primary choice in Chivalry and the longbow being only useful against other archers. Log In Sign Up. Horde mode rules: Live by the chest, Die by the chest. 3. But now, horde mode is completely different and near impossible. Swing manipulation is mouse movement so it cannot be done with macros. There have been over 5 million copies of Mordhau sold now. . The war axe, but a bit slower, more range, tighter turncap, and no throw. It feels the only TEAM friendly and viable build currently is as a combat-archer, you must be comfortable switching it up to your side-arm or you're going to Just remember that almost every weapon in this game is viable as long as you learn how to wield them by putting some hours in and which weapon is best for you is determined by your play style. Gold/XP is based off time. Viable Archer Build. Find where Roblox is running from. Local Files > Browse. Then get medium chest armor, then a heavy Hey Mordhau people, a couple weeks ago someone here told me about using AutoHotkey for automating emotes and voice command combos, I thought it was awesome and have been having fun using them so far, so I thought I'd share that here. Let's go. But the best way to Developers already fixed "Horde AFKing" by adding a max limit of 1620. ahk) Paste this script into it and save.